The 200 sqm oak flooring underwent professional refurbishment with products of the Pallmann brand which helped restore the natural and original surface.


Building type Testimonial

A heavily trafficked and worn wood floor was refurbished to its original appearance in the four-star-hotel and the associated restaurant “Schloss Steinburg” in Würzburg. The 200 sqm oak flooring underwent professional refurbishment with products of the Pallmann brand which helped restore the natural and original surface.

Solvent free and fast drying 2K parquet oil

The Four-star-hotel and restaurant “Schloss Steinburg”, surrounded by the wine-growing-district “Würzburger Stein” is well known beyond local boundaries for its delicious cuisine and exclusive conference offers.
A Hotel of this quality should not only defend its reputation with regards to the wellbeing of its customers but also needs to maintain the same focus on visual detailing too. The planed multi layered oak floor in the 200 square metre conference room showed signs of extensive rubber abrasion marks even after short times of usage which initiated the decision to refurbish the floor. The contract was awarded to the flooring professionals Alfons Versbach GmbH from Würzburg. In order to keep the downtime of the conference rooms to a minimum, normal coatings could not be used and the search commenced for a fast track but sympathetic floor protection system.

This made Pallmann’s very fast drying Magic Oil 2K Ergo the product of choice. The completion of refurbishment works, including a fully dried and usable floor area, could be achieved after a mere 12 hours due to the outstandingly fast drying properties of this product.

The floor installation company Alfons Versbach GmbH from Würzburg

The professional flooring company Alfons Versbach GmbH from Würzburg was founded in 1946 and is a renowned provider for complete floor solutions and installations in all areas, attic to cellar. Competent and professional consultation is offered through their 50 members of staff with expertise in both the technical and commercial aspects of flooring. The company offer expertise in products and services from subfloor preparation systems for all wood floor constructions and varieties, linoleum, both synthetic and natural rubber, and cork floor coverings as well as carpets.

The company has established itself as a reliable partner for on-schedule delivery of cost-efficient results. Clients visiting the company’s own sample and exhibition rooms are informed about available materials which are installed to the highest standard by competent engineers, project professionals and master technicians. Their list of references includes the museum of the fortress Würzburg, the university hospital department of nuclear medicine, the police academy in Wertheim, the Juliuspital hospital in Würzburg as well as a residential development in Marktheidenfeld. The company lead remains in the Versbach family for the third generation and is managed since 1996 by Andreas Versbach and Anette Rambacher-Versbach.

The installation process

The works started with a careful cleaning of the existing surface prior to the floor treatment in the conference rooms in the Castle Steinburg. The product used for this task was Pallmann Clean.

The application of the solvent free 2K-wood floor oil Pallmann Magic Oil 2K Ergo could follow this process and achieved a beautiful, consistent, natural matt velvety surface. Owing to the fast drying of the oil any subsequent renovation works could commence swiftly even in extremely high traffic areas. The floor area was evenly coated with the oil using the Magic Oil Applicator (consumption approximately 50g/per square metre) and 15 minutes later was buffed using a rotary machine with the green Pallmann cleaning pad to remove any surplus material. Pallmann Magic Oil 2K Ergo not only resists general household chemicals but also convincingly provides an anti-slip coating compliant with R11/DIN 51130 and resistance towards human sweat and saliva compliant with DIN 53160 as well as conforming with DIN EN 71-3 (children's toy security Section 3: migration of defined elements.)


After the floor surface is renewed and refreshed the aim is to preserve its natural appearance for the months and years to come. For this reason the floor professionals provided detailed floor maintenance instructions perfectly suited to the requirements of this specific floor. The durability of this floor is significantly increased through the usage of specially formulated care products from the Pallmann Magic Oil Care range.

In conclusion

The first large event followed shortly after finishing the floor surface refurbishment. A wedding proved a real endurance test for the newly treated floor area as of course the event involved a lot of dancing. The floor passed the test very well as almost no traces of usage and abrasion were visible, not even on the dancing area thanks to the application of premium products of the Pallmann brand.

Products used

MAGIC OIL CARE Care emulsion for refreshing oiled wood floors

Water-based oil emulsion for refreshing and maintaining impregnating oiled wood floors. With refresher effect.

MAGIC OIL 2K ERGO Solvent-free 2-component wood floor oil, ergonomical

Solvent-free 2-component applicator applied cross linking wood floor oil with natural oils and waxes, drying by oxidisation after addition of hardener. Ergonomical use due to the MAGIC OIL APPLICATOR.

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