What has defined high quality Japanese cuisine for decades has also now conquered the whole of Germany: Sushi.


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110 sqm Beech wooden floor, oiled with the new Magic Oil 2K Ergo


What has defined high quality Japanese cuisine for decades has now also conquered the whole of Germany: Sushi. The rise in demand for the Japanese speciality grows continuously, which is clear to see from the impressive number of customers eating every day in sushi bars. One company which benefits from this new food trend from the far east is Sushi-Circle. This popularity led this company operating throughout Germany to open their 20th branch. In Wiesbaden an existing sushi bar was found and refurbished to conform to the Corporate Identity of Sushi Circle.

The premises had an old wooden beech floor with signs of heavy usage, which as part of the refurbishment was given a new lease of life. The restaurants beech wooden floor was stained with an oil-wax combination to retain the distinctiveness of the timber and to comply with the requirements of the shop fitters Design Productions GmbH from Munich.

The refurbishment works were fairly tightly scheduled in order to save costs but the client also thought it important to use solvent free products to avoid exposure to the evaporating dangerous and potentially poisonous fumes both during and after the application.

This was the reason why the professional flooring company (Firm Paulat Parkett from Wiesbaden) opted for the new Magic Oil 2K Ergo. This new and solvent free oil-wax combination from the Magic Oil 2K Line dries over night and needs only a single application. While using a Pallmann Magic Oil applicator, the flooring professional was able to apply the product standing upright which was easier and kinder to his back.

The beech wooden floor was first sanded with a drum-sanding machine (Grid 100). A finer sanding followed with a rotary machine (Grid 120) – producing some dust which needed to be removed prior to the application of the Magic Oil 2K Ergo.

With the help of the Pallmann Magic Oil applicator, this application was done easily and evenly (coverage approximately 50g/sqm). After leaving to react for approximately 15minutes the exessive material was removed by using the beige polish-pad on the rotary machine.

To finish off the floor works and achieve an homogenous surface, the recently oiled floor was polished once more with a white pad. The floor area was ready for full use after just 12 hours due to the “magic” drying of the Magic Oil 2K Ergo.

“Using the new Magic Oil 2K Ergo is a very easy process. Due to the fact that it can be applied from a standing position, it is the ideal solution, even for larger areas”- according to Alexander Paulat from the Firm Paulat Parkett, Wiesbaden.

The flooring professional also enthuses about the fact that the oil only needs to be applied once: “Because the oil needs to be applied only once we are able to save the waiting time usually necessary for drying and the second application which we always need to budget for.”

Floorer firm Paulat GmbH
The specialist and guild-registered contractor Bros. Paulat GmbH from Wiesbaden/ Kelkheim was established in 1999. With a staff of eight, including 2 apprentices, the Firm Paulat specialises in laying exclusive wooden floors.

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MAGIC OIL 2K ERGO Solvent-free 2-component wood floor oil, ergonomical

Solvent-free 2-component applicator applied cross linking wood floor oil with natural oils and waxes, drying by oxidisation after addition of hardener. Ergonomical use due to the MAGIC OIL APPLICATOR.

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